I have been painting and drawing since early middle age. I began as a colourist, working mostly in oils, in a very traditional manner.

My subjects reflected the everyday strengths of people and objects. Along the way I gained a teaching qualification and taught art to the elderly.

In 2013 I gained a BA degree in ‘The Creative Arts’ and during my studies embarked on a developmental change of style, using the immediacy and excitement of acrylic paint. I have exhibited at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and at the Rye Society of Artists.

The subjects for my current work are portraits, focusing on the heads and hands of models and since moving to Wiltshire I have become inspired by the magic of its landscape working, again  in oils on gesso board.

My Life in art has been an organic process. I am happy to let it unfold rather than try to orchestrate, and this seems to work for me.